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  • Create Relationships: Work hard for good relationships – to customers and colleagues, through trust and open collaboration
  • Responsible: Take responsibility for solving the task – and do not fall between 2 chairs. Shared responsibility for the own and the colleagues well-being
  • Creative: Make problems to challenges and think outside the box and visionarily to reach the best solution

  • Flexible: Be flexible with respect to the customer and colleagues and be open for the counter parties arguments.
  • Focused: To prioritize and work goal oriented and dedicated with the chosen tasks and projects



Nordland Automatic profilbrochure 2011.

Robot from North Jutland packs peanuts from North Sealand

The packing of peanuts in boxes at the company Popco in Solrød happens quickly and precisely with a robot installation from Nordland Automatic in Nørresundby.

At the same time the installation has reduced stress factors with the staff and given happier employees.

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Nordland Automatic one of the countries fastest suppliers of industrial control systems

Businesses' needs for advanced industrial control systems rise quickly. This also necessitates a decrease in delivery times, both of new control systems as well as expansions, maintenances and reparations of systems already in drift.

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Company from North Jutland responsible for the countries first sorting plant operating with four robots

Once more a company from North Jutland raises attention with an interesting business news, both nationally and internationally.

It is Nordland Automatic A/S, which as the first ones in Denmark are ready with an advanced sorting plant operating with four robots. Read more here.​

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