The smartest and most intelligent inverter on the market

​At this time the good economy is supporting to be environment and climate responsible, both as a private person and a company.

Nordland Automatic sells and installs photovoltaic plants of industrial quality and with our hard working staff we adapt and optimize every plant regarding to your specific needs.​


With SolarEdge up to 25% more electricity can be produced than in traditional systems, because every panels production gets optimized individually. See video​

​With the implementation you get access to the webpage of SolarEdge where advanced statistics for each single panel get registered including possible error messages in the plant.


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SolarEdge inverter

  • The standard 12 year warranty can be extended to an up to 25 year warranty
  • The inverter is specifically designed for PowerOptimizer
  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • Simpler design gives the highest reliability for the lowest price
  • Built-in internet connection port

SolarEdge poweroptimizer

  • ​25 years warranty
  • ​„Maximum Power Point Tracking“ (MPPT) on every panel
  • ​Up to 99.5% effectivity
  • ​Advanced, real-time performance control
  • ​Automatic shutdown of panels at an interruption of the inverter ensures safety for installers and firemen.
  • ​Can be used for all types of photovoltaic cells


  • ​Web Portal and iPhone application
  • ​Surveillance of the daily production
  • Automatic error registration for each photovoltaic cell
  • ​Reduced operation- and maintenance costs.
  • Increases the systems accessibility and production

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