Remote Support

We offer remote support for the customers installations via the internet, which ensures that you can fall back on our skilled industrial technicians for servicing of the installation, without having to worry about travel expenses or appointment scheduling for a service visit.

​We have standardized our remote access through an acknowledged industrial remote access solution from the Danish company Secomea. This solution is characterized by an easy installation and administration, plus extremely high IT security. The solution gets used by a wide range of machine manufacturers worldwide and is approved by many IT departments, as a far safer alternative to the traditional dial-up modem and VPN solutions.​

Secomeas solution consists of a central M2M server, one call client and finally a DIN mountable internet modem, which gets installed in the management board. The internet modem procures an encrypted internet access via an existing network, or a 3G modem and it does not require any changes in the existing IT installation.

​Besides enabling Nordland to remotely access the equipment will this solution also give specific accesses for the customer selv (e.g. remote access to web based panels) or access for other third party suppliers equipment.


Secomea brochure (ENG)​ - Read PDF

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