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​Grid Analysis

Technology that works for you

Power Quality has become a crucial factor for all types of industrial and commercial customers. The intense use of non-linear lod as, rectifiers, frequency converter, UPS systems, computers and energy saving light systems has brought disturbances, which can not be accepted for an optimal operation. Nordland Automatic A/S can help you with a risk assessment and find the perfect solution, so that the power quality in your installations is not harmful or cost increasing for the normal operation. Nordland Automatic A/S takes care of sale and installation of filters or compensation equipment.​

Short- or long-term measuring

Do you require a quick overview of your plants, be it load distribution, power consumption or similar, then have we with our "Power Quality Analyser" the possibility to measure all essential data.

​If the measurement is according to EN50160 then it will be done over a time span of 7 days, where all your data gets logged and saved directly on a memory card. All measurements can be delivered in a report with a problem analysis and possible solution, if that is desired.

The European norm EN50160 provides acceptable limits for:

  • Harmonic distortion

  • Voltage asymmetry

  • Voltage fluctuations and outages

  • Fast transients 

  • Cobble

Nordland Automatic collaborates with some of the biggest actors within the delivery of components for removal of harmonic distortion, voltage asymmetry, voltage fluctuations and outages, fast transients and cobble.