Nordland Automatic A/S   -   Kummerowsvej 3   -   DK-9400 Nørresundby   -   Tlf.: (+45) 9631 2020   -   -   CVR: 18814048

Vision and Mission


Innovative solutions that create head starts


We deliver intelligent solutions for automation and control


  • Create Relationships: Work hard for good relationships – to customers and colleagues, through trust and open collaboration
  • Responsible: Take responsibility for solving the task – and do not fall between 2 chairs. Shared responsibility for the own and the colleagues well-being
  • Creative: Make problems to challenges and think outside the box and visionarily to reach the best solution
  • Flexible: Be flexible with respect to the customer and colleagues and be open for the counter parties arguments.
  • Focused: To prioritize and work goal oriented and dedicated with the chosen tasks and projects