Nordland Automatic A/S   -   Kummerowsvej 3   -   DK-9400 Nørresundby   -   Tlf.: (+45) 9631 2020   -   -   CVR: 18814048

​Welcome to Nordland Automatic A/S

Nordland Automatic is a company with great experience in industrial systems. Systems get updated constantly in terms of any new requirements and conditions in and outside the company. The company develops both customized systems and many types of standard systems.

Why choose Nordland Automatic?

Nordland Automatic offers professional solutions that get adapted to your specific needs.

Nordland has expertise in designing and developing large SCADA-systems as well as smaller process monitoring systems. We have gathered experience in most of the renowned development systems.

We collaborate with well-known and respected manufacturers of electrical components.

​We have specialized in those technical components which allow an increased demand in operation and functionality.

Regarding this we would like to provide you with our best knowledge so that, already in the design phase, you can select the optimal automation solutions for your needs. That can for example be related to choosing the correct frequency converter to solve a specific task, after which help for establishing is required.

Our Specialities:

▪ Robotic Solutions

▪ PLC controllers and process monitoring

▪ Control and distribution boards

▪ Remote support

▪ Weighing and dosing systems

▪ Sorting plants

▪ Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

▪ Machine control

▪ Vision Systems

▪ Development of databases / PC applications

▪ Photovoltaic Plants

▪ Energy Optimisation

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